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Injured & Fallen Worker Support Information - California Transportation Foundation

Injured & Fallen Worker Support Information

While CTF has expanded into a wide array of services for California’s transportation community, one of the original reasons for the organization’s creation remains its most fundamental – supporting those injured or killed on the job with financial support. During the difficult days and weeks after an emergency or death in the transportation community, remember that CTF can help. 

Caltrans Fire Victims Fund

CTF is accepting donations for Caltrans employees who lost their homes and were affected by fires in 2020.

Robert Carpenter, Caltrans District 9

Doug Hunt, Caltrans

Anthony Matricia from Vacaville, CA and works at Caltrans HQ

John McKnight, Caltrans District 9


Berry Creek Fire
Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times)

Anthony Matricia Photo


How CTF Can Help:

Workers Memorial Ceremony 2015

Caltrans Workers Memorial Ceremony 2015

Request a Fallen Worker Grant

When a transportation industry employee dies accidentally in the line of duty he/she may be eligible for a Fallen Worker Grant. These grants may be used to defray immediate expenses, up to $2,500, not covered by employer death benefits. Examples may include, memorial ribbons for funeral attendees, funeral refreshments, and travel costs to bring loved ones to the survivor’s side.

To request a Fallen Worker Grant click here to download and complete the Fallen Worker Grant request form then return to

Establish an Injured or Fallen Worker Fund

CTF also establishes Injured and Fallen Worker Funds to help California transportation industry (private or public sector) employees and their families who are in need of financial assistance because of death, medical conditions, or injury. These accounts provide a ready made, audited fiscal entity to collect and disburse worker assistance and memorial funds. CTF matches donations dollar for dollar up to $7,500 when the death or injury is work related.

To establish an Injured or Fallen Worker Fund, read our Injured and Fallen Worker Fund Policy, CTF Injured and Fallen Worker Policy and Request Form and complete the form on page 2. Please send completed form to

Memorial Signs

Dana Cowell Memorial Sign

Dana Cowell Memorial Sign

CTF can also help fund memorial signs on State Highways to honor fallen colleagues by setting up an account to which people may make tax deductible donations to fund memorial signs. For more information, or to request a Memorial Signage Fund read the CTF Memorial Sign Policy & Request Form. Two examples are the Donald S. Wieman Memorial Vista Point in San Bernardino County, and the Dana Cowell Memorial Highway Signage on State Route 12 in San Joaquin County.  Both were funded through accounts set up with CTF-managed Memorial Funds.

How You Can Help:

Donate to the Memory of a Fallen Worker or to an Injured Worker

Donations can be made by check, cash or credit card. Donations by check should be made out to “CTF” and designated with the name of the worker in the memo line. Checks made out incorrectly will be returned. Donations by cash must include a note indicating to what fund the donations are to be applied. Please mail checks or cash donations to: CTF, 9500 Kiefer Blvd., PO Box 276828 Sacramento, CA 95827-6828. Credit card donations may be made online by clicking here.

Donate to the CTF Injured and Fallen Worker Fund

In the last five years CTF has awarded $648,848 in Injured and Fallen Worker support, including $125,892 in 2015 alone. The matching grants from CTF for established Workers Assistance and Memorial Funds and Fallen Worker Grants are awarded through the CTF Injured and Fallen Worker Fund. We need your tax deductible contribution more than ever! To make a credit card donation online go to our donate page or click here .

Fallen Workers

CTF manages donations to the following transportation workers who died while on the job. CTF will match these donations dollar for dollar up to $7,500.

Emilio Zaragoza Memorial Fund

Jesus Gonzalez Memorial Fund

Workers Injured on the Job

CTF manages donations to the following transportation workers who were injured on the job. CTF will match these donations dollar for dollar up to $7,500.

Mike Mooney Assistance Fund


CTF Assistance and Memorial Funds (Not Matched)

CTF is not matching these donations because their injury or death was not work related.

Doug Menzmer Memorial Fund

Kenneth Parmelee Memorial Fund

Tatetina Holt Memorial Fund

Chris Simon Memorial Fund

Lang Ly Memorial Fund

David Harris Memorial Fund

Viramontes Memorial Fund

Kenneth Varela Memorial Fund

Nancy Mallillin Memorial Fund


CTF Memorial Signage Fund (Matched)

CTF is managing donations to the following Memorial Signage Fund. CTF will match these donations dollar for dollar up to $5,000.

Annette Brooks Memorial Signage Fund

Caltrans District 7 Fallen Workers Memorial Signage Fund

Caltrans District 7 Memorial Sign










Annual Caltrans Workers Memorial Ceremony at the State Capitol

Caltrans Workers Memorial Ceremony in 2018.










Click Here to view pictures from the 2018 Caltrans Workers Memorial Ceremony.