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Legacy Sponsors

Legacy Sponsors make it happen at CTF by making a major commitment to the foundation and to all its programs.

To be a 2018 CTF Legacy Sponsor click here for more details and contact 

CTF Legacy Sponsor Spotlight

Richard Grabinski, Sr. Vice President of Operations, West Region, Flatiron West, Inc.

CTF Legacy Sponsor since 2017

“Flatiron is proud to be a CTF Legacy sponsor because of the positive recognition they provide in representing the transportation industry as well as promoting a career in our industry through scholarships to students studying transportation-related fields. The Foundation’s programs to financially assist those injured on the job and families of fallen workers are also essential. “



Carlton Haack, HDR, Inc.

Carlton Haack, Vice President, HDR

CTF Legacy Sponsor since 2011

“The Foundation’s focus on investing in our future leaders and helping those in need through workers’ assistance programs and by recognizing exceptional transportation leaders and projects is vital. HDR is honored to be a Legacy Sponsor.”




Jim Kemp SHCC

Jim Kemp, Executive Director, SBCAG, Self-Help Counties Coalition

CTF Legacy Sponsor since 2011

“The Self-Help Counties Coalition is proud to be a CTF Legacy Sponsor. The Foundation’s support of California’s transportation community with scholarships and Injured and Fallen Worker Grants is so important.”




SashaDanskyUpdatedPhotoSasha Dansky, Principal, Mark Thomas & Company

CTF Legacy Sponsor since 2011

“Mark Thomas & Company is proud to be a CTF Legacy Sponsor because it provides us an opportunity to give back to the transportation community by supporting CTF’s mission.Through our support of CTF, Mark Thomas & Company is able to support those in need as well as develop and support our industry’s current and future leaders.”