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Transportation Education Symposium Testimonials - California Transportation Foundation

Transportation Education Symposium Testimonials

See what people have to say about the 2012 CTF Transportation Education Symposium:

“Super exciting and intensive. The enthusiasm and number of upper-level members of the transportation industry present was astounding: the advice given, and the knowledge gained was immense!”

Ruben Hovanesian, California State Polytechnic University Ponoma


“The intense case study session encouraged in depth participation and drew out the creativity from us as a group to create a comprehensive proposal presentation. I was impressed by what we produced as a froup and what we witnessed from other groups.”

Karina Casillas, USC


“The Education Symposium provides a rare, fantastic opportunity for students to interact with industry leaders in an intimate setting, giving them access to a network that would otherwise be difficult to achieve,”

Karen Champman, Mark Thomas


“The Symposium was such a rewarding event. It challenged me to improve in areas outside of the regional technical engineering field. I left with a greater appreciation of the Transportation Industry.”

Beau Immel, Fresno State


“Our goal as potential Engineers is to leave a legacy.”

Hugo Herrera, CSU Fullerton


“This is one of my favorite activities each year: where public and private sectors come together and focus on our future Transportation Leaders.”

Bill Knapp, CH2M


” …The connections I made will prove valuable in the future for continued mentor-ship, support, and job opportunities.”

Amy Martin, UC Davis


“These two days were packed with learning opportunities in not only the RFP proposal, but also on the proper etiquette in the professional world. Working on the RFB has been on of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had at a conference.”

Tiffany Huang, UCLA


“ A wonderful opportunity to give back to the transportation profession.”

Elizabeth Wiecha, TYLIN


“I looks forward to this opportunity to connect with the next generation of engineers and planners. It reminds me of why I went into this field and provides me with hoe for our future. It really renews my energy levels back at the office.

Christine Cox-Kovacevich, Central Region Environmental Division


“A wonderful learning experience, networking event, and really fun! I would definitely return given the chance.

Charlotte Vilkus, Loyal Marymount