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CTF Mobility Symposium (takes place of the Transportation Education Symposium and the New Mobility Workshop)

October 22, 2020 from 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM via Zoom Meeting

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50 students from California colleges and universities and 50 professionals from the transportation industry will join us for the CTF Mobility Symposium, a student focused virtual event.  

The CTF Mobility Symposium will introduce young student leaders to careers and current issues in the transportation sector and promote a general understanding among participants of how public and private entities are responding to mobility needs and opportunities at this complex time. We will also promote networking, mentorship and professional development for all participants through interactive engagement.

Professionals can attend as part of a $1,500 Gold Sponsorship or a $500 Bronze Sponsorship. Attendance without sponsorship is limited to 59 people at $200 and professionals can register online to participate. As this is a student-focused event, Q&A and end-of-day breakouts will be prioritized for students.

The goal of the CTF Mobility Symposium is to introduce young leaders to the new realities of the transportation sector and how public and private organizations are responding. We also want to promote networking, mentorship and professional development for all participants through interactive engagement at the Symposium and beyond.


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